"Brugge is often called the Venice of the North, but saying so one may also say that the Herresbach surroundings are the Tuscany of the North!"


Herresbach provides you the perfect escape from the hectic life.  Peace and quiet to relax completely and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Belgian Eifel.  


Herresbach is a part of the German speaking community of Amel in the eastern province Ost Kantons. Because of our location in the triangle of Belgium/Germany/ Luxembourg, Herresbach is a perfect spot to start short day trips and fun outings.


The Eifelhoeve, our holiday farm, is located in the middle of the village, across from the little village church. Herresbach is actually one huge walking and cycling area, providing a safe and fun environment for adults and children to play and roam freely.


Next to the church, you can find the trail heads of 4 well marked hiking routes.


The Ravel strecke, a former railroad,  has been transformed into cycling paths with a maximum elevation of 3% , and is within easy reach. 


The  Ourtal route crosses a mere 2 km distance from The Eifelhoeve.   This route, will guide you along the banks of the river, or to the lovely little village of Ouren, crossing point of the 3 countries Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.  Ouren is another fantastic place to start a beautiful, well-marked hike. The Ourtal route is about 111 km, and is certainly worth driving completely!


The cities Keulen, Aken, Monschau and Luxemburg are tempting for a day of shopping.  Closer, the villages of Malmedy, St. Vith, and Büllingen Burg-Reuland  are worth a visit. 


Fans of racing sports can easily reach Spa / Francorchamps where they can enjoy all the races. During the bigger events we advise you to make you reservations well in advance, as the entire area will be fully booked!


Herresbach is at an elevation of 590 m, and receives more snow than the rest of Belgium.  In winter one can ski or langlauf in this area. 


Bowling and karting , or vrijetijd-centrum Worriken  are very nice indoor places for kids.  The amusement park Phantasialand near Brühl, or the maze of PuzzlePlanet in the Wildpark of Hellenthal are also within reach.


We have a large collection of maps and information, and are always available with suggestions and help for enjoying your stay.