About us

Hugo and Chris welcome you to The Eifelhoeve!


Hugo and Chris exchanged their busy, city-life style in The Hague for the beautiful nature that abounds in the Belgian Eifel.


Hugo knows his way around the professional kitchen!  In addition to being classically trained at a prestigious Swiss Hotel and Restaurant Management School, Hugo gave cooking instruction at a special school for autistic children in The Hague.    He shares his formidable prowess in the kitchen with guests by offering fun and tasty International Cooking Workshops in The Eifelhoeve Kitchens, and the occasional informal dinner in The Eifelhoeve Courtyard.


Chris began his career in landscape & garden management,  and spent many years with Animal Rescue in The Hague.  His amazing knowledge of plants and animals is on full display at the lovely and tranquil grounds of  The Eifelhoeve.   Many of the ingredients served at The Eifelhoeve are from our own organic production!


Hugo and Chris welcome you to The Eifelhoeve in Dutch, French, English, German, or polite hand signals and oh yes, they also understand most animal speak.

The Eifelhoeve is situated in Herresbach, a beautiful and authentic little village in the Belgian Eifel.  The predominant language of the area is German.  Herresbach offers amazing overlooks where one can can enjoy huge vistas of the Eifel mountains.  Herresbach is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.


The Eifelhoeve complex dates from the 1700's, and is filled with "old world" charm.  The Central Courtyard is the heart of The Eifelhoeve, and provide access to all the amenities on offer.  These include The Main Lodge with B&B accommodations, the Breakfast/Recreation Room, the Holiday Home (Gite) with Hot Tub terrace, the Courtyard Game Room, the Ice Cream Shop, the Outdoor Heated Swimming Pool, and a path to the House Trailer with Private Deck.  There are herb and vegetable gardens, as well as, an area for the chickens that produce all of those eggs for breakfast!


We look forward to making your stay a pleasant one....



  Ins Flo Stal 40 ,

  4770 Herresbach (Amel)


 - BE: 080/ 318 216   (when we don't answer the phone, leave a message and we will call you back a.s.a.p.)

 - NL: 06-41396064

 - E-mail : de.eifelhoeve@gmail.com